Frieder Hartung | Urbane Projekte & Konzeptionen

In developing future-oriented concepts for places that need change on the municipal, district and local level, good ideas and careful groundwork are fundamental. From the very beginning we determine together the framework and procedures to take into account different needs and requirements as well as to integrate all stakeholders in an appropriate manner. This allows you to act with foresight, gives you a clear course for the implementation of specific plans, and contributes to a forward-looking orientation of the site or area.


  • Identifying relevant economic, social and economic trends
  • Highlighting interdependencies as well as factors that stimulate or restrain development
  • Incorporating the latest research on development, urbanism, sustainability and related topics
  • Documenting case studies
  • Laying out options and mapping out scenarios
  • Planning frameworks and creating graphical mock-ups


  • Identifying suitable peer groups
  • Drawing up user profiles
  • Developing individual site profile
  • Residential development planning and advice
  • Expertise on land use management and efficiency of residential areas
  • Fiscal impact analysis and consultation with fokos-bw, a software tool for cost-benefit analysis of residential developments


  • Strategies and techniques for dealing with climate change (mitigation and adaptation)
  • Concrete action plans for awareness-raising and mobilisation of citizens and employees
  • Ecological urban redevelopment, including energy efficiency in existing buildings, reactivation and reinforcement of local ecosystems, and more
  • Action-oriented strategies for future-proof development